The Brazos Valley Service Rifle Association CMP Sanctioned John C. Garand Matches  

Matches are conducted by The Brazos Valley Service Rifle Association, ( BVSRA ) and sanctioned by the
Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). BVSRA CMP #045224.

Date: 1st Saturday of every month.

Registration and Fees:  Registration begins at 8:30 AM.
Registration and payment of entry fee will be conducted prior to squadding.
Entry fee is $60.00 for adults, $25.00 without ammo, and $50.00 for juniors, $15.00 without ammo.
Ammo fee includes 60 rounds of cal .30 M2 or cal .30 carbine ammunition.
M1 Garand Rifles and AR-15 Rifles are available for check-out to shooters that do not have an authorized rifle.

Range Location:  Rick Conner's  Range, Located at 2704 County Rd. 460 in Lyons, TX . There are 15 firing points.
See Map at the bottom of this page.

Firing Starts:  Match begins at 9:00 AM.

Scoring:  Competitors will score during the match, i.e., 2nd relay will score for 1st relay and 1st for
2nd.  3rd relay for 4th relay and so on until all shooters are through the course. Score card with
erasures or changes require scorer’s initials prior to being turned in to the scorekeeper.
Disqualification can occur should initials not appear.

SAFETY:  Safety will be paramount in all activities!  All rifles will be locked with safeties ON, actions open with
clips/magazines removed, and an open bolt indicator inserted into the chamber of the rifle except when on the
firing line. During scoring of  targets, all rifles will be off the firing line and in the racks. Handling of  rifles and
policing of brass, (collection of brass forward of the firing line) will be permitted at the direction of the Chief Range

Range Rules: Persons appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed on the range.
Children and juniors must be controlled and shall be the responsibility of their sponsors. Parking will be in
designated areas only.  Anyone violating these rules will lose range privilege. Other action may be taken when
deemed necessary.

Conditions Governing Match:
 A. Rules:  This match is governed by the rules prescribed by CMP Competition Rules.
 B. Open to:  All person eligible to compete under CMP Competition  Rules.
 C. Course of Fire:  John C. Garand Match Course B Modified (100 yard reduced course).
** First stage - Slow fire, 100 yards prone.  Maximum of 5 sighting shots and 20 record shots in 25 minutes.
Second Stage - Rapid fire, 100 yards, prone from standing.  10 record shots in    70 seconds.
Third Stage - Rapid fire, 100 yards, sitting from standing.  10 record shots in 60 seconds.
Fourth Stage - Slow fire, 100 yards, standing.  10 record shots in 10 minutes.

 D. Rifles as issued (Service Rifles Only):
.30 cal M1 Garand
.30 cal Carbine M1 or M1A1
.30 cal M1903 Springfield
.30 cal M1917 Enfield
.30 cal M1941 Johnson
Modern Military Rifles Class A and B as defined by CMP rules.

** Since Conner's Range does not have pit service, shooters will be allowed a 10 minute sight-in period followed
by a target patching session before First Stage record shots.

Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement:  To participate in any CMP sanctioned rifle match an Eligibility
Affidavit and Liability Agreement must be signed and notarized. A notary will be present, free of charge, at the
match to assist shooters that do not have this affidavit on their person or is not on  file with BVSRA. Blank forms
will be provided at the range for competitors that need this service.

Certificates of Completion: Certificates of Completion for shooting this match will be available from CMP after
the match bulletin has been received at CMP Headquarters. The certificates will be forward to each participant
as soon as received by BVSRA from CMP. This certificate entitles the shooter to be eligible to purchase an M1
Garand through the CMP sales program.

Awards: BVSRA will award certificates of place with regards to Junior, Club, and Senior status and final scores.
No club awards will be given to shooters using Modern Military class rifles when competing against M1 Garands
and Bolt action as-issued rifles.

For additional information: Contact one of the club officers Officers listed on the BVSRA web page.

Map to Conner's Range

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